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Quail Run Many Thanks

Introducing Quail Run Many Thanks, known to his friends as Winston, owned by Cathy & Denny Dormaier. 

Winston and Cathy are certified Barking Buddha Doga Instructors.

Doga is a variation on the ancient practice of yoga through which participants pose primarily with, underneath, over, or adjacent to their dogs.  Through meditation, gentle massage and stretching, the doga practioners seek to achieve a greater harmony with their dogs.  The practice of Doga emphazies yoga’s focus on union between beings, helps establish a pack mentality and strengthens the bond between owner and pet.  Doga is about spending time connecting and focusing on our relationship with our dogs, encouraging self discovery and having fun with our canine companions.

Xtra Angle Triangle

Dog Under The Bridge

Seat With A Treat (Ear Massage)

Super Dog Pose