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Trusties Uranes at Quail Run, CT-ATCH, CT-ATCH 2, CGC, TDI

Uri started his agility career after the age of two.  He was a natural!

Uri resides with Wendy and Barb in Portland, along with his Cavalier sister Suni

Uri and Wendy enjoy their newfound career together, attending many local trials

This is a blast!

Photographs above courtesy of Powell’s Canine Productions

The CPE Agility Trial in February, 2006

CPE Agility Trial in November, 2005

These ribbons are mine, all mine!!
Suni is not impressed.

Look out, here I come!

Yes, I won all these!

Look Mom!  I’m flying!

A CPE Agility Trial jump.

I just know I can make warp 2!

Definitely not as much fun as flying.

What’s next?

Who says performance dogs can’t be glamorous?

Whoops!  Missed it by that much!

Mom says she’s going to wall paper a room with all my ribbons!

Wendy and Uri after a very good day at Teacup Agility

Uri broke records with this clean run for his super low time, and won a special prize!

Uri with his ribbons from the CPE Trial at Argus Ranch, May, 2008

Uri whips through the weave poles at the Newport Trial, July, 2008

Uri enjoys a jump at a trial in Tillamook in July 2008

Uri stops occasionally to smell the flowers

Uri gains his Championship title, CT-ATCH, in April, 2010

Uri celebrates his new championship!

Uri and a very proud Wendy!

Uri earned a well deserved rest on his laurels!

Uri and Wendy participated in the Turner trials in October, 2010

Look Ma!!  I’m flyin’!!

Fast and accurate!

How’s this for glamour?

Watch for some of these shots in next years calendar!

Uri flies through the air at the Turner Trial in October, 2010, where he earned his second C-ATCH!!

Uri’s Championship plaques with CPE

Oh, what?  These old things?  Darn tootin’ I’m proud of them!!
Uri and Wendy, celebrating Uri’s newest CPE Agility title, World Team Extraordinaire Championship, the ultimate achievement in the CPE Agility venue.  Uri is nearly 12 years old and still running like the champion he is!
Uri’s lifetime awards so far.
C-ATCH 3 (which is equivalent to MACH 6)
C-ATE  (which is a world team equivalent title)
Specialist Extraordinaire x 4……  which means he’s successfully completed the maximum number of qualifiers for the Standard, Jumpers and Games titles. (Hundreds of Q’s)
The dream team; Uri & Wendy