Quail Run New Start, or Tesouro, belongs to Deborah Roberts.


Deborah writes....
"Thank you for changing my life and choosing Tesouro for me!  He is just what his name means, a treasure.  He is healing myself and my family in a way I never could have imagined. 
I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in this breed contact Linda/Quail Run.  It is worth the trip to Oregon.
When I began my research on the cavalier journey, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Linda.  She patiently answered my many questions. In fact, she welcomed them! Whereas other breeders were very difficult to reach by phone and email, Linda was very accessible. She continues to answer my almost daily emails of endless questions with love and care.  I keep asking her if she wants me to condense or stop and she always tells me that she is glad to ALWAYS help with Tesouro's needs.  She continues to consider him a member of her family.
He is so well behaved and so mellow and I have to give Linda most of the credit. 
The love you put into your work and the pups is beyond measure.  Thank you for your efforts.  Tesouro thanks you too! "
Thank you Deborah!

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