Winnie shares her toys with her new best friend, Braden.


Wayne writes;
"Well, we’re almost at two weeks… and enjoying Winnie so much!  We cannot believe how well she has adjusted, she is sleeping in her crate through the night…and in bed with us…smile, she has not had one accident in the house-1st day, we have not heard one bark out of her, she is loving her twice daily walks around the block with us in the morning and evening, loves car rides, eating/drinking with ease now, and Braden and her are the best of friends!  They share toys all day long, and she is so gentle with him…as he is with her. The neighbors have adopted her as the neighborhood mascot!
That’s all for now, again we just wanted to thank you for everything! She is an amazing dog and we love her more every day. What an amazing breed…our family and friends are all jealous…you may get some calls down the road from some interested family members.  Attached I have also included some recent pictures. Take care, we’ll talk to you soon!"
Thanks Wayne!

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