Quail Run Winter Solstice, known as Lindsay, belongs to Shelby Stair Wills.
Shelby writes:
"I wanted to tell you how great she's been doing with kids, since that was something that we knew we wanted to work on.  There have been lots of opportunities for her to meet kids when we're out - they come right up to her.  We had a really cool experience this weekend, when we were waiting outside for brunch in downtown Portland.  Lindsay was gathering quite a crowd of people, and as more people saw how gentle she was, more came up.  There was one little girl in particular who was really sweet.  She had had a bad experience with a dog recently (I think she was bitten) and their family spent about 30 minutes getting her comfortable being near Lindsay.  She eventually got to the point where she was able to drop some food on the ground for Lindsay, and pet her a little bit..   It was so amazing to be able to trust Lindsay completely to be gentle and sweet and confident with her, as she is with all kids.  She is literally the best and sweetest dog that anyone I know has met.  I'm definitely re-motivated to try to do some therapy work with her once my big project is over in September and I get a little more free time to work with her on that." 
Thanks Shelby!

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