Quail Run Winter White, or Lizzie, belongs to Patty Lewis.
From Patty....
"Hi Linda..........Lizzie's website picture is PERFECT. She loved it. She is just superb. And beyond. Nothing I throw her way matters. She's just even, steady, happy, hungry, smart, aims to please, athletic and what else
can I say. In my 68 years of "dogging" I've just never been around a more wonderful little critter. I must say that getting her at 5 months old has A LOT to do with it. It never occurs to her to "do her stuff" indoors which
is thanks to you and her mom and grandma. Her teeth are such that it never occurs to her to do my shoes, tables, magazines, papers.......etc. She knows "no." She is happy with her chew stix, etc. At the same time she knows she's just a little thing who needs her mom and pop and acts accordingly. I just spend my days marveling and wondering if I've been out of touch for my 68 years, or if you have a philosophy and environment which nurtures pedigree pups which are almost perfect...whether they are wee pups, or older pups. Some would say it's the breed itself, but I don't think so.
Whatever, your professional abilities have added tremendously to our
lives..........all 3 of us."
Thanks Patty!!


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