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Pedigree of Deeriem Cosmopolitan Man at Quail Run
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UKC Ch Quail Run Rainer
Trusties Uranes at Quail Run, CT-ATCH, CT-ATCH 2, CGC, TDI
Quail Run Satellite, CCD, C-RN, C-RA, C-RE, CGC, TDI, RN, NAJ, OAJ, CD, AXJ, C-RAE
Quail Run Moonmaid, CGC, CD, RAE, C-RN, C-MTC, NW1, ThD
Ch & Can Ch Charlottetown Jupiter at Quail Run, RN, C-RN
Ch. Quail Run Jaqueline
Quail Run Search For Gold, NAJ, NA, ASCA RS-N, NF, ASCA GS-N, RN, ASCA CD, CD, RE
Quail Run Snow Moon, CRN, RN, RA, TBAD, C-RA
Quail Run Many Thanks
Quail Run Turn Up The Heat
Quail Run Diamond Celebration
Quail Run Fate
Quail Run Luna, TD
Quail Run April Love
Quail Run A Fine Wine, CGC, C-OAP, C-OJP, MXP2, MJP2, TSAD, TMAG, RN, MJPB, T2BP
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Pedigree of: Deeriem Cosmopolitan Man at Quail Run
Sex M Reg No.
Date of Birth 5/22/2008 Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Owner Linda Kornhi Breeder Sheelagh Allerton
Colour & Markings Blenheim Call Name
ENG CH Aranel Cosmic ENG CH Miletree Nijinsky ENG CH Tameline Northern Dancer Keyingham Lochlann
Tameline Balanchine Millhill Le Monde
Tameline Pebbles
Miletree Evening Dream Miletree Dream On Aldachell Dream Lover
Miletree Martini
Miletree Bedtime Story Volney Shenanigan
Miletree Memphis Belle
Aranel Arabesc Aranel Bombastic Aranel Atomic Eng Ch Ricksbury Tommy
Aranel Marie-Claire
Woodstock Kassie with Aranel JW Telvara Karbon Kopy
Whyteplace Norna Jean for Woodstock
Aranel Arabella Eng Ch Ricksbury Tommy Linjato Ace of Base
Ch Ricksbury Royal Captive of Crossbow
Aranel Marie-Claire ENG CH Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury
Bembridge Gifted to Millhill
Karabel Klassic For Deeriem Karable Keats Coedgwylum Hot Shot Droleus That's M'Show Off Eng Ch Mareve Indiana
Droleus That's M'Girl
Jamesbonny Daisy May at Coedwylum Coedgwylum Hot Rod
Leelyn Ellie-may
Karabel Katrina ENG CH Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury ENG CH Emsmere Royalist
ENG CH Lymrey Top Of The Pops
Karabel Kiritess Ladykey Tosca At Bromford
Kismet Of Karabel
Karabel Kameo Tanmerack Botticelli Royal Scandal at Ricksberry ENG CH Emsmere Royalist
ENG CH Lymrey Top Of The Pops
Tanmerack Fantin Latour Eng Ch Toraylac Joshua
Tanmerack Edith Sitwell
Karabel Kamellia Deeriem Starlight Express Deeriem Tramps Legacy
Deeriem Classic Music
Karabel Kamille ENG CH Lymrey Royal Reflection Of Ricksbury
Karabel Kiritess
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