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Introducing Pippen, owned by Hilary Hines.
Wyndcrest Dr. Zeus at Kerrylane
Ch. Quail Run Golden Anniversary
Pip has his work cut out for him, as he joined a household full of AUSSIES!!
With the pressure on, Pip came through, and achieved his AKC Novice Agility title during his debut weekend!


Pip masters the teeter-totter
on his debut weekend.


I can fly with the BIG DOGS!


Pip loves the tunnel!


Pip at the ASCA Trial in May, 2008


Pip just loves those jumps!


The only thing better than a jump is a tunnel!


Pip enjoyed the July, 2008 ASCA Trial


Pip clears the jumps with ease!


Gotta love that tunnel!


Pip acheives his ASCA CD title!


Pip achieves his AKC CD title!


Pip is High In Trial at the COTW Specialty Show in Vancouver, September 2012!

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