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Introducing Emily, owned by Barbara Holler.
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Glove?  What glove??


I have brains and beauty, you know.


I'd much rather be chasing ducks in the rain!!


(Left - Right Carol Tarr & Robbie, Barbara Holler & Emily and Sherree Bell & Charity


The latest in volunteer opportunities has recently come to the Florence area.  Oregon Coast Therapy Animals (OCTA) an affiliate of the Delta Society in Bellevue, Washington, has been volunteering in hospitals, assisted living facilities, reading programs in schools, and others since 2004 and is now offering an orientation in our local area.


The orientation will introduce animals and their human partners to work as a team to bring a healing and calming touch for those in need.  Animal/human teams may consist of not only dogs, but any calm animal that is receptive to people and suitable to help carry out this very rewarding experience.


Oregon Coast Therapy Animals will be holding its first orientation meeting in the Florence area on Saturday, September 13th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Florence Library, Bromley Room.  Humans only at this meeting and pets will be welcomed at our October workshop.


Come and learn more about the organization, and how you and your pet can brighten up someone’s life by providing a healing touch to those in need.  This is a win/win situation for all involved.


For further information visit the following websites to learn more about our organization at www.oregoncoasttherapyanimals.org and www.deltasociety.org.


News Flash May, 2011!!
The fabulous Miss Em has added a new title, NW1, abbreviation for Nose Work Level 1.
That's right, Cavaliers can do a fantastic job with the new and upcoming sport of nose work!

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