We have been involved in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed since 1989, when our first Cavalier, a rescue boy named Teddy, joined our family. We have been enamored with the breed ever since.

 Our Cavaliers are happy, healthy and home-raised, and go to select homes where they will be cherished as a member of the family. Visitors are always welcome at Quail Run, and we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Our Cavaliers are registered with the CKCSC, USA (the original breed parent club for Cavaliers) and the AKC.

We test the hearts (OFA) and eyes (CERF) of all breeding stock yearly with a veterinary specialist, and have hip and patella clearances (OFA) in the hope of producing sound and healthy puppies.

Cavaliers come in four colors; Blenheim (bright chestnut-red markings broken up on white ground, usually with a white blaze between the ears), Tricolor (jet black markings broken up on white ground with rich tan markings over eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, inside legs, and underside of tail), Ruby (whole-colored, rich red) and Black & Tan (jet black with rich tan markings over eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, on chest, on legs, and underside of tail).

Cavaliers are usually very affectionate, preferring to cuddle on your lap whenever possible. However, they are also very much a spaniel, which means they will go to ground for a scent, chase prey with great enthusiasm, and bark and dig if left to their own devices out in the yard for too long a period of time.

Quail Run Cavaliers participate in Conformation events, and are proud to ad the title "Champion" to their names. This is how a breeder is able to confirm that their "vision" of the breed standard is shared by licensed, qualified judges who confer the title of "Champion" on worthy specimens of the breed after a prescribed number of points are accumulated.

I have been a member of the CKCSC, USA and the Regional Cavalier Clubs since 1990, and have held numerous offices within the Clubs such as; Rescue Chair, Board of Director member, Show Secretary, Show Chair, Children's Handling Judge and National Secretary. I am pleased to give something back to this special breed through such activities.